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Adding to the Chaos

The Speed of Light - digital collage

I have a big non-art freelance project going right now, so I haven't had time to update this site. However, I found time to establish a new web presence, so I guess I might have priority issues . . . .

In any event, I uploaded many of my works, the ones that are more fine-arty, some perhaps a little more symbolic and less representational, to Fine Art America.

I really don't think Fine Art America is too different from Redbubble in terms of the products they offer; it's just a convenient way to separate my different styles a little, although there is some overlap. If you ever see an image of mine, and the product you want isn't available, just let me know. It's not a big deal to upload images to different platforms.

And Fine Art America gave me another website. . . . something else to keep up with.

Here are the links:

Fine Art America:

Pixels website (ties to Fine Art America):

And just in case you lost the Redbubble link:

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