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  • Angela Micheli Otwell


I started to add a portfolio app to my site, and it's leading me to think I need a complete site redesign. That's not what I had hoped to do with my Saturday, and I'm about to be very busy with other projects for a while. If I try to do it in bits and pieces, the site will probably look a bit chaotic for a while. Not sure if that's how I'll do things, but if things look weird here, that's why.

I've got a lot of new work over at Redbubble that I'm really happy about. I fell down the artificial intelligence rabbit hole, and I've been exploring what I can do with this new tool. And I'm learning a lot about digital art in general in the process. Digital art is something I've dabbled in from time to time, but I'm really getting an immersion education from these new pieces. And having a ton of fun! I posted one here (Friendly Planet), but the rest are on Redbubble. This link will take you to a page where you can see my most recent designs first (nearly all AI/digital).

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I'm still making changes to this website. I'm aware there are some problems with the new gallery page, but I have to move on to other projects right now. I'll try to get back to it soon. In other news

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