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I've been busy. And my thoughts are scattered. I'm not even sure where to begin, but it's time for a catch-up post. I posted my "Shelter" artwork on Facebook first without even really thinking about it, and then I never got around to posting it here. I would prefer to post all of my content and everything I have to say here, and then link to it from Facebook when appropriate, but changing habits is hard. And I'm out of the habit of sharing anything anywhere really.

I'm playing the bass again for a short-term project after many, many years of not playing instruments. And we're a diverse band, with varied backgrounds and musical experience. So I taught myself MuseScore to generate sheet music in different formats (standard musical notation, guitar tablature) and for different instruments. I wouldn't exactly call what I've been doing music composition, but I've done some transposition and adaptation, and I did pull out some of the harmonies and write parts for trumpet and recorder. Anyway, that took a lot of my creative time for a while. Now that I'm more conversant with the software, I'm able to work more quickly, but there was a huge learning curve. And I made some colossal mistakes. (Sorry, Christmas band!)

This was supposed to be for Inktober. Prompt "Crystal"

I've also recently done some light programming for my transcription work. Just making routine tasks a little easier. I'd been putting it off for some reason, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of making and using technical tools to streamline my work. There probably won't be an abundance of transcription work between now and the end of the year, so it's a good time to slow down and take the time to streamline my processes.

Also for Inktober. Prompt "Suit."

I didn't quit making visual art, although I haven't made much finished work. Just sketches, for the most part. I did a couple of sketches for Inktober, but I never even got around to adding ink. I'm very happy with the work I finished, but I think I've only finished two things since my last blog post. I need better terminology for that. A sketch is finished, but it's not what I'm talking about. Polished? Refined? The distinction for me is how much effort and care I put in to getting it just right, although I'll happily upload a successful sketch to Redbubble or Adobe Stock, even if it didn't take much effort. I'm not sure what the viewer sees. The line is blurry, and sometimes it's hard to make a distinction. But clearly there's a spectrum of results. I'm open to suggestions as to what vocabulary to use.

Old Scavenger Hunt

Speaking of sketches, the Scavenger Hunt seemed doomed with a WetCanvas reorganization, but it moved to another site, Creative Spark. I haven't had a lot of time to participate lately, but I do enjoy the hunts.

New Scavenger Hunt

For me, it's all the same energy/drive: Visual art, music, computer programming, learning software. Along with writing and . . . praying also, in a way. It's all the same focus. The same . . . . I don't have a vocabulary for that, either, I guess.

Trying to wrap my head around landscapes. And value.

Happy Thanksgiving! I moved into "Wayfarer's Nest" the day before Thanksgiving 2020. Grateful for many things, including a stable place to live.


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