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This site needs some updating and attention, and I started to make those changes first, but that work is kind of tedious. One of the changes I plan to make is to start making my main blog posts here, so I'll start with that and hopefully update the other site content over time. Or not. We'll see how it goes . . . .

In the meantime, a bunch of images have piled up to be shared. I already shared new Redbubble images on Facebook, but here are the ones I haven't yet posted here. These images are of selected Redbubble products, but of course each image is available on numerous products. I included a few examples of the raspberry because it looks very different on different products. (Well, I guess each image does, but the raspberry format/colors varied more than most.)

If you click the images above, they'll take you to the page of all of the products with Raspberry printed on them. Unfortunately, I don't know how to put multiple links on the same image or put three separate images in a row on Wix - more of that tedious sort of stuff I should address at some point. The images below will just link to my shop page, though, and you can click on the image you're interested in from there.

There are some issues of scale there. That's a pin on the left, which is much smaller than the clock on the right IRL. I'm tickled at the idea of watching a clock that's watching you, although my favorite clock I've designed is this one.

Some sketches. There will continue to be issues of scale. As usual, some attempts more successful than others.

I started experimenting with oil paints, but I don't have anything to share yet. I'm in the middle of a longer project or two. And I've been playing with portraying the same subject with different media on a post over at wetcanvas (home of the scavenger hunts I sometimes participate in). I plan to add more images to that thread at some point. There are eight images there right now, but I probably have 50 more ideas, and the possibilities are really endless.

I got a bit bogged down on my musical project, but I didn't forget about it. I have been feeling a little under the weather, and I definitely haven't felt like singing, but I'm sure I will eventually. And there's another musical project I might be participating in. I'll let you know if and when I have things to share. Have some writing ideas, too.

I'm moving my blog content off Ko-Fi for now, but you can still buy me a coffee if you want to help me make artwork. I've also started a wish list of art supplies and other tools that I would find useful in my creative endeavors. The Redbubble shop is always open. I'm also available for a limited number and type of commissions. Send me an email or contact me via the form on the about page for more information.

Thanks for following my artistic journey!

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