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More Oil Pastels

Edited to add: I got the images photographed and uploaded, so the thistle, desert landscape, rose, empty jar, and feather are now in my Redbubble shop.

I have been having a great time with oil pastels. I don't know why I never tried them before. I'm more of a painter than a "draw-er," and I guess I never thought of oil pastels as a painting medium, although of course they are. Since I moved to the desert, painting with acrylics has been more of a challenge, although I have found ways to make it work, and I have been experimenting with other kinds of paints.

Not "my" desert. I live in the high desert with sagebrush and cottonwood trees.

For the moment, though, I'm completely infatuated by oil pastels. I don't know how long my obsession will last, but I'll follow it for now.

I am now using several different kinds of pastels, but I'm still using the Crayola oil pastels. They all play very well together. For that reason, though, I can't in good conscience sell these originals, because I can't be sure the colors won't fade. I have another set coming, and I'll probably retire the pastels that aren't lightfast when it gets here.

Unfortunately, I also can't just scan oil pastel paintings. I'd damage the painting and get oil pastel residue on the scanner glass. I plan to get some high quality photographs to use for stock illustration and Redbubble, but I haven't gotten to that yet. Soon, I hope.

Of course, I've used other media, too, for the Scavenger Hunts, etc. It just depends on what seems to be the best media for the subject and what mood I'm in. And not all of my oil pastel experiments have been super successful.

I might possibly develop this one some more. The reference photo really didn't have this quality, but somehow I made this little mushroom look like a fledgling adventurer. I kind of like it.

"The best" are above, with "the rest" here, more or less in chronological order. (CP = colored pencil. OP = oil pastel. OMS = odorless mineral spirits.)

I have also really enjoyed General's Sketch and Wash pencil lately. I think the windmill was just regular graphite, but I'm not certain.

Sometimes you disagree with me about the best/rest designation, although that's certainly not a Warhol above. But I'm always interested in what you think!

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