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  • Angela Micheli Otwell

New Designs

I have many new designs. I've been inspired by working with OpenAI's DALL-E, so I've been spending more hours making art. The AI might make me more efficient/productive, but I'm not sure about that. Anyway, I have a lot of new designs in my shop on Redbubble. Here are some product examples, but most designs are available on many products.

The space-related amigurumi images and the steampunk goldfish below are digital collages, and as such, it is easy for me to make additional designs with the same digital collage pieces. I have plans for the astronauts and other space cuties, so look for related images to this one from me in the future. This design looks great on duvet covers and other items with a large print area, but I think it looks pretty good small, too.

I've shared the Steampunk School image in a prior blog post. Since I made that design, I made two sticker/magnet packs (four fish per pack). I've named the fish, and each have their own products, and I'm likely to continue playing with these in the future. You can find all the Steampunk School products in their collection.

I've got a lot more projects in the pipeline. It's actually hard to prioritize at the moment. I'm having fun!

(All of the designs featured in this blog post were created with the help of OpenAI's DALL-E, but please understand that these are not the original images produced by DALL-E. They are my own works, and I own the rights to them, just as I would if I made art using components of or starting with any other public domain image. I keep giving DALL-E credit because that's part of OpenAI's terms of service, although it could lead to some confusion about who owns these images. I do.)

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