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  • Angela Micheli Otwell

Steampunk School

This is a sort of sequel to my Steampunk Goldfish Sticker or Magnet Pack, which I modified a little after I first put it up - refined the digital images a bit more.

I wasn't really done with the idea, though, and I wondered if DALL-E would give me the same kinds of images if I came back later and used the same prompt. The answer was yes, more or less, but I don't think that I could count on that always working.

This was the result from my second request, several days (at least) after I requested the first set. DALL-E frequently doesn't get a whole object in frame, which requires a little effort to fix. As I understand it, I may not be formatting my prompt words in the best way to get the best result, so this could be my fault. However, all the fish were usable and sufficiently distinct from the first four.

My digital imaging skills were rusty when I started playing with AI, but all sorts of things are coming back to me, and I'm also learning new skills.

I'm pretty enamored of these little guys, and I'd like to make some more products featuring the fish I've already created, or maybe another batch. But I've got other ideas in line, so I'll probably set this aside for now.

Steampunk School is available on nearly every Redbubble product and features all eight clockwork goldfish that DALL-E and I have created so far.

Please let me know if you'd like to see products featuring one or two of these fish at a time. I'd probably have to start giving them names at that point, so I'm open to suggestions on that front, too.

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